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Front cover of Chris-Anthem: A Novella by Mona Telor (Kasey Hargan), now on <b>Kindle</b>.
Front cover of Chris-Anthem: A Novella by Mona Télor (pen name of Kasey Hargan), Now on Kindle.


What do Eleanor Roosevelt, the Cosmos & Chrysanthemums have in common? Find out in this tale of two soul-sisters on the ultimate quest!

Mona, entering adulthood in the 1970s, thinks she is ready for life. She's basking in the sunshine, both literally and figuratively - about to be married, and hanging out with her best friend Chris.

However, as the plans for Mona's future fall apart, she is adrift on a sad and lonely sea. It is her friendship with Chris which provides her with the steadiness she needs, and Chris herself who inspires Mona to face up to her problems and reconstruct her world.

This story follows Mona through fifteen years of her life, from her first introduction to Chris, through the unexpected twists that life has in store for both of them, to the inspiring finale. You'll both laugh and cry as Mona and Chris face crises with humor and panache.

Chris-Anthem has been receiving favorable reviews. Follow this link: Reviews to get the buzz!

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