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Who Is Kasey?

At an early age, I became fascinated with our language and the way words fit together to form sentences. I likened word structure to puzzle pieces, and to my way of thinking, the puzzle was not finished until the words fit solidly - a complete picture. In my last years of elementary school I mastered poetry and also experimented with pencil sketches to accompany words to form a sort of free-form illustrated book. I will always have this love of words but it was not until about 25 years ago that I begin to hunker down and focus on writing as a career.

In the mid 70s I had the opportunity of a lifetime as the first woman floor director at a top-rated Tampa, FL television station. It was an extremely interesting job and it was also a challenge, because I was expected to do the same level of work as the men. It was wonderful as well; I gelled with the production crew and became a respected team member. It is an honor and privilege that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

During the 1980s I decided to use the valuable skills I had learned in broadcasting and go freelance as a consultant. Essentially I was a 'problem solver', helping clients increase their revenues or boost their image, etc. This line of work allowed me to utilize my love of words, as writing advertising copy and press releases was necessary. Getting the message across - telling a story - in a compact manner is cruicial to the demands of the 30 and 60 second ad world of TV and Radio. I discovered that this economical way of story-telling was my forte and played a significant role in shaping my writing style.

In 1994 my husband and I decided to hang out our shingles as freelance writers. Jim is also a photographer and does beautiful work for a wide variety of clients HarganOnLine.com. For several years, the writing I did was mostly PR related, to help Jim launch his photo/text endeavors. But I eventually begin to take assignments myself and later drafted my first book, a novella titled Chris-Anthem, and selected the pen name of Mona TÚlor for it. You will see it listed on the "Titles" link.

My favorite writers are those who can tell a compact story and not waste words. I have read many a novel which takes a basic good storyline and uses a lot of 'padding' to turn it into a gigantic 400 or 500 page behemoth. What you have then is long periods of lackluster page flipping, wondering if and when the story is going to kick in again. While these big bloated ''door-stops'' seem to be the prevalent form for fiction these days, as far as I'm concerned a tight, engrossing tale is the best way to show readers that you respect their limited time in today's busy world. Not all of my books will be in a Novella form, but I can promise you that they will always be compactly written and entertaining investments of your time.

Color pencil sketch of girl in pigtails reading a book, by Kasey Hargan. 
Kasey Hargan
Freelance Writer

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